Surface Engineering Technology and Equipment
Surface Engineering Technology and Equipment

Platform serves for infrastructure, oil pipelines, large machinery equipment, rail transportation. It includes advanced manufacturing technology of large railway wear parts (pound hammer, milling sharpening pieces, shield blades, brake disk, etc.), supersonic flame spraying, plasma spraying, laser cladding (key component repair of train), plasma surfacing and other complex surface engineering technology and nanocomposite coating technology.
The main direction of the platform:

 1. Thermal spraying, cold spraying and welding technology
 2. Laser Cladding and Additive Manufacturing technology (3D Printing)
 3. Hard facing materials and technology

4.The rail axle, brake disk repair remanufacturing technology
5. Study of key wear
components of large-scale engineering

The platform began to engage in anti-corrosion and wear-resistant technology, corrosion and wear-resistant equipment, materials, technology and engineering application from the 1950s. long-term anti-corrosion of steel roof in Sichuan swimming pool and corrosion engineering of Chengdu Third Ring Road No2,6,8,10 bridges were accomplished. Lots of scientific and technological achievements of large-scale engineering machinery wear-resistant parts were obtained, and some of the results have been transformed into industrial production, including: large-scale railway tamping with a long life and high reliability pound hammer, large-scale high-strength rail milling vehicles and high toughness milling sharpening pieces, large shield blades, high-speed train brake disc / sheet, large-scale engineering machinery Pa Pa jaw teeth. The development and maintenance of products in the field of railway track maintenance of the international advanced level, so far there are more than one Railway Bureau / Engineering Bureau and other large construction machinery units using these results. Repair research platform for high-speed train axles, wheel track, brake disc, its service environment, failure mechanisms and repair processes is in-depth research. Development of large-scale railway tamping has been achieved by industrialization and they are used in Chengdu Railway Bureau, Kunming Railway Bureau, Wuhan Railway Bureau, the Urumqi Railway Bureau railway sector.