High Speed Train Weiding and Equipment Technolgy
High Speed Train Weiding and Equipment Technolgy

The platform currently focused on aluminum alloy welding of High-speed train body and rail vehicle bogie frame. A fiber laser arc hybrid welding systems, laser -MIG arc hybrid welding, Plasma-MIG hybrid welding systems, weld line tracking system and micro-arc oxidation treatment systems of aluminum alloy, friction stir welding and an environmental welding laboratory, etc, were built in this platform.
The main research interests:
1. Welding process and mechanism of the hybrid welding
2. The system integration technology of hybrid welding
3. On-line detection of welding quality

4. Laser-Arc hybrid Welding and Engineering Applications for High-speed train
5. On-line detection of welding defects technology and engineering application for the high-speed train


Research on aluminum alloy hybrid welding for high-speed train has carried out in this platform in terms of the welding process, process mechanism and on-line weld quality detection. This research has obtained support by Major State Basic Research Development Program (973), National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Science and Technology Support Program, and we also cooperate many research projects with enterprises "Systematic Process Study of Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding of Aluminum Alloy Train Body". Based on the platform, high-quality bogie welded components have been successfully manufactured. Thereby the technology is expected to be used in the railway enterprises.