Rail Welding Technolgy
Rail Welding Technolgy
The platform serves for the requirements of the overloads, speed rail transit line and meets the development of high-speed railway construction.
The main
Research Interests:

1. Quality and Reliability of rail welded joints
2. Important rail welding equipment localization

3. Maintenance of existing rail line and turnout Integrity

4. Automatic grinding technology of steel rail weld


The digital controlled small sized gas pressure welder, mobile flash, flash fixed rail weld cars are successfully developed with Chinese independent intellectual property rights based on this platform. These equipments have been used

The platform independent, the equipment has been used in railway construction of Beijing-Shanghai, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, the Qinghai-Tibet and city subways of Shanghai, Beijing and other eight principal city, and they are even exported  to nearly 10 countries abroad.

YHGQ-1200 rail welding vehicle is the world's first mobile NC pressure welding rail cars, and it can realize welding project at the construction site. The successful development of the product means that China began to have the world's most advanced level, with independent intellectual property rights of CNC pneumatic rail welding work vehicle. Therefore, in July 2009 the former State President Hu Jintao cordially met with the research team of the project and gave a high evaluation. YHGQ-1200 rail welding vehicles has been successfully achieved industrialization since June 2010. Kunming Railway Large Maintenance Machinery Group Company is responsible for production and sales. Currently it has being effectively used in large-scale railway construction projects.