Visiting Professor
Visiting Professor

The center engaged Zhirui Wang, a professor at the college of materials science and engineering, university of Toronto ,and Yuping Yang, the chief engineer of the American institute of welding , for overseas visiting professors. The center achieved remarkable results in scientific research and personnel training.

scientific research:

1 Numerical simulation of predictability platform for the large welded structure parts of rail transit

2 Nano coating research

3 Reliability evaluation of welding structure and structural failure analysis

4  A high level of co-authored papers

personnel training:

1 Promoting the introduction of talents

2 Visiting scholar project

3 Overseas professors teaching

The center will begin to cooperate with Lin Li, who is the fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the laser processing center director in University of Manchester in England in the next step. The center will sign international science and technology cooperation agreement, which puts the frontier technology of the high-end equipment carrying metal materials and high energy beam processing as the main body.