Welding Structure Service Behavior and Safety Asse
Welding Structure Service Behavior and Safety Asse

The platform serves for rail, marine and nuclear power. The platform has built a "Welding Residual Stress, Serving Behavior and Control Laboratory," "Corrosion Behavior Evaluation Laboratory", "Fatigue Behavior Evaluation Laboratory" and other important domestic leading level research labs in the rail transportation.
The main research interests:
1. serving behavior and safety evaluation of wheel-rail material
2. The deformation and stress of key structural component
3. Research on fatigue properties of welding of aluminum profiles high-speed body
4. Aluminum Stress Corrosion research
5. Failure analysis of welded structures


The platform has accomplished a lot of national, provincial, enterprises projects. Service safety behavior and Life Cycle Assessment (residual stress, corrosion behavior and remaining life, fatigue behavior and remaining life) were carried out through this platform on CRH2 EMU and bogies, CRH3 and its bogie, CRH6 EMU, heavy-duty trucks and urban rail trains, intercity rail train manufacturing. With the help of the platform, problem of residual stress evaluation in rail vehicles and other large engineering structures was resolved. The research results posses the international leading level.

1.      Ultrasonic impact treatment technology has been successful used on the current car.

2.      About six patents have been authorized

3.      Establishment of residual stress database software for high-speed trains and intercity rail train

4.      Two enterprise standard for surface residual stress using X-ray testing methods and residual stress testing method and drilling strain relief method

5.      Drafted: " micro-shear test specification of aluminum alloy welded joint "; " LAHW technology specifications of CRH2 and CRH3 aluminum high-speed train ";"corrosion grading and maintenance technical specifications of aluminum alloy welded joints of high-speed train body "; " technical maintainability specifications of Welding defects "

6.      developed a" LAHW mechanical property database of aluminum welded joints of high-speed train body. "